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Whether you realize it or not, all content that you publish – is a story. Some stories are meant to enlighten, others are meant to teach, and others are meant to simply sell a product or service. While both music and visuals can be used to tell a story, the human voice has been the bedrock of storytelling for thousands of years. Today, more than ever, having a voiceover that can tell your story effectively is of the utmost importance.

A voice actor since 2008, I’ve helped thousands of clients the world over to tell their stories through voiceover. I always strive to refine the instruments in my vocal toolbox to provide you with the sound you need to successfully reach your project’s goals. All while remaining unobtrusive and allowing the listener to focus on the story.

Above all, people have said that I put them at ease with my voice – which has been described as comforting, solid, rich, fun, professional, strong, and versatile. Clients have said that working with me is a joy as I’m always fully present and will happily go the extra mile to help them look (and sound) great.


Andrea or Angelina – [email protected] (650) 378-1267
Ellen Quinn – [email protected] (888) 435-4234
Aidita Alamo – [email protected] (305) 774-1001
Susie De Santiago – [email protected]: (773) 585-5843
Richard Dolmat – [email protected] (604) 297-0722
Jennifer Berg – [email protected] (414) 277-9440
Inter Voice Over – [email protected] London: 020-726-26-937


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